StartersLab Digital Service

UK Expansion

The ultimate launchpad for ambitious startups, StarterLab understands that expanding a startup can be both exciting and challenging. That's why we're here – to be your reliable partner throughout your UK journey.

Unlocking the UK's potential requires a supportive partner. StarterLab helps you achieve your goals by providing the expertise and guidance you need for a smooth and successful eager to make their mark on the UK market.

Your UK Expansion Journey Starts Here

Expand confidently into the UK market with our tailored package, empowering your journey with seamless setup, strategic guidance, and global networking opportunities.

Turn-key soft landing

We will help you incorporate your company in the UK, including company incorporation, office setup, and support with visa, residency, and business bank account procedures, ensuring a smooth transition for your business operations.

UK-ready data room

UK is the largest tech ecosystem outside Silicon Valley with an annual investment size of 30 Billion USD. But it's equally competitive. Our mentors will help you prepare the right data room to impress UK investors.

Fractional CFO

Our seasoned professionals are more than advisors – they're strategic partners, offering comprehensive financial guidance and tailored insights meticulously crafted to drive and amplify your expansion efforts in the UK market.